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The North Mix is focused on creating business collaborations in areas related to Circular Economy and Sustainability. We work with startups, global companies and international investors, as well as organizations and ecosystems - for each, creating just the right mix

to both answer their needs and boost their positive impact.

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We will soon be launching the MiXi platform!

This unique platform aims to promote the Finnish Circular Economy ecosystem, by showcasing the local innovation,

international collaborations and impact investing.

We are The North Mix

Founded in 2019 by Alisa Mick and Yoad Mick in Helsinki. 

Our combined experience includes executive positions in organizational consulting, marketing and advertising of international brands. Utilizing our skills, we have each contributed to the successful globalization of large corporates as well as technology startups – also building an effective network of international VCs and investors.

Our services


We are helping tech companies with sustainable solutions to go global.  

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We connect between people, from companies, organizations, VCs, cities, to create impact driven business collaborations and investments.

EVENTs& Workshops

We bring people together by  facilitating events, workshops and collaborative sessions to create cross-sectoral and international partnerships, with positive environmental and social impact. 


We initiate collaborative projects which can create a real change, but we can't do it alone. 

We have a community centered approach and the solid belief that this is the road to the most valuable initiatives. 

We are proud of our work with:

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