The North Mix focuses on leading progressive change of thought-to-action in companies and organizations, inspiring them to explore a new approach to overcoming internal and external challenges.

Our Vision:

The MIX Community

A diverse human-centric community

that approaches each challenge with the power of many


1/ Every challenge is shared by many, every challenge is solved by many.

We have a diverse, international network comprised of companies and professionals in multidisciplinary fields, entrepreneurs, VCs & private investors, and researchers, all who share our passion, vision and values of Diversity, Openness, Collective Learning, and Accountability.

We continuously expand our network through the various projects we are involved in.

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Alisa Mick - Co Founder, The North Mix

I'm an entrepreneur and a continuous student.

My passion is to find solutions for challenges by connecting between companies and creating relationships between people.  

I've worked in TLV as a consultant with corporates, entrepreneurs, VCs, and accelerators. I managed the TapasMBA @Microsoft Ventures Academy program and co-founded a technological startup.

I hold a B.A in Psychology and B.A in East Asian Studies from Haifa University, and M.Sc in Management from Tel Aviv University.